About the Site:

Gottardo Piazzoni was a vital figure in Northern California Art.  This site will be expanded as time allows to better educate collectors and art enthusiasts about the breadth of his artistic career. Contributions and comments are welcome.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Morseburg grew up in the art business and his family sold the work of a wide variety of artists, both American and European.  In the 1970s he was a student of Theodore Lukits (1897-1992), last of the Southern California Plein-Air Painters who rose to prominenc in the 1920s.  Lukits was  influenced by the Tonalist Aesthetic. Today, Morseburg is a curator, appraiser, writer. archivist and dealer in American and European Art.  He writes on a wide variety of artists, but on California Impressionism and Tonalism most extensively.

Evaluating Gottardo Piazzoni Paintings:

If you have a Piazzoni you would like evaluated, whether formally appraised, or just need an estimate of value on, please contact us.  If you send some images, the size and history, we do not charge for initial consultation.

Have a Piazzoni That You Need Evaluated or Appraised?

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